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    Route Book Schedules

    Never let a customer fall through the cracks! Prism Visual Software’s Route Book Schedules make it easy to generate tickets weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly for sales, delivery, and service.

    • Unlimited sales, delivery and service schedules for each customer
    • Assign each a driver, route, salesperson, technician and stop sequence
    • Permanent instructions or one-time notes for salespeople, drivers and technicians

    Next Generation Sales Order

    Amp up sales using Prism Visual Software’s Next Generation Sales Order. The Sales Order displays a standing order of items, product sales averages, and customer specific prices for desktop and mobile sales.

    • Standard order of products or services
    • Fixed prices or group/tier prices specific to the customer
    • Averages, par values and sales history

    CRM Inbound / Outbound Call Center

    Use the Call Center Dashboard to increase sales, create product awareness, and provide superior customer service. The Call Center Dashboard can also reference inventory availability, gross profit margins, and upcoming orders or services.

    • Schedule recurring calls for customer orders
    • Place orders, service requests and log calls
    • Inform customers of upcoming orders or services and send email confirmation

    Smart Grids for Data

    Smart Grids optimally displays data for analysis; leading to faster customer service, better organization and easier decision-making.

    • Flexible searches across entire grid or specific column
    • Move columns around to see important information front and center
    • Save filter conditions to drill down on a subset of data

    Visual Dispatching

    Make every day convenient with visual representation of each route on a color coded dispatch board. Plan the day efficiently by dragging and dropping tickets while monitoring live progress.

    Color-coded to reassign by route area or ticket type Drag-and-drop to dispatch tickets Watch live progress

    Inventory Control

    Eliminate the conundrum of missing or unaccounted for inventory. Trucks are set up as rolling warehouses representing a point-of-sale; a mandated truck load and check-in process creates employee accountability.

    • Replenish truck based on pre-orders or average sales for that route
    • Load truck and check-in truck with a checker password
    • Daily ending inventory variance reports (shown in image)

    MiniMate Android for Sales and Delivery

    Maximize sales, and invoice in style, using Android smartphones and tablets.

    • Confirm pre-orders
    • Create an invoice for route sales
    • Create a sales order for future delivery
    • Add items and change prices with password restrictions

    MiniMate Android for Service

    Complete service work orders and review service history on Android smartphones and tablets.

    • View service problem
    • Enter service resolution
    • View problem/resolution history by customer or equipment serial number
    • Add parts and labor charges

    MiniMate Android - Pay, Sign and Invoice

    • Collect multiple payment types
    • Capture customer signature
    • Print and email invoice